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The course is designed for those, who are looking for a bright career in PR service firms throughout Qatar but lacking the basics required, and for those who want to understand the daily Challenges of PRO services. On completion of our course every trainee will be equipped with experience and knowledge of dealing with departments of Qatar government. He or she will have practical working abilities on activities related with different government websites of labor, commerce and industry and immigration etc. and its laws related. The trainees will be able to draft all request letters and NOCs   in both languages of English and Arabic at least, and to work with all forms and documents required to comply with the requisite of government departments. he/she will be familiar with all government E-services.

In multinational companies’ public relation officer plays crucial role as trustee to make all the legal and administrative works done on behalf of the establishment. Including conduct of basic interviews, shortlisting, work with employees travel and accommodation etc. The Qatar PR service course is ready to mould a perfect PRO of future.

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