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Legal Translation


Legal Translation


This is a 25 days’ crash course in translation with customized packages which introduces students to the place and practice of translation, mostly as it is seen from the perspective of the GCC Countries. It seeks to have students think about the different ways in which translation surrounds us and its importance in our day-to-day life. The programme combines instructions and practical training going by different modules that embodies the foundational methods of translation as an elementary step and the translation of Academic, Administrative, Commercial, Media and Legal documents. Students will not only discuss these rich themes but will also practice translation through specific assignments. Having the knowledge of languages, apart from English and Arabic, is not required for this course. The course is designed to enhance students' methodological and practical skills in relation to translation as a profession and it also benefits those students who plan to have an academic career and engage in translation studies. The course is an essential backup for those who wish to pursue a career in professional translation since the use of computer aided translation (CAT) and MTPE tools and other technologies are now a common practice and a requirement in the industry.

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